Chief Executive Officer
Gary Kaplan Gary Kaplan is one of the founders of the Touchsides group in 2013 and, in his capacity as CEO, is also responsible for the local and international management and growth of Touchsides. As one of the founders in 2001 of Blue Label Investments (Pty) Ltd, (now JSE-listed Blue Label Telecoms Ltd), Gary was Joint CEO until 2007 when he elected to create a niche and boutique Private Equity Group. Gary graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy (University of the Witwatersrand) and is a registered Chartered Accountant.

Executive Director & Chief Strategist
Dr. David Fraser Dr. David Fraser is one of the founders of the Touchsides group and is responsible for its technological innovation and strategic direction and positioning. Prior to this, David was the Group CTO of Blue Label Telecoms Ltd, where he drove group technology strategy and mergers and acquisition activity. David has also launched several successful start-ups and consultancies in 15 countries, working with partners based in the US and Europe. David holds the following degrees and professional memberships: BSc Eng, MSc Eng, PhD

Chief Operating Officer Bryan Orsmond Bryan Orsmond joined Touchsides in 2013 and is responsible for operations. Bryan also assists with new business development and client management. Prior to this, Bryan was CTO and then MD of Blue Label One, the mobile subsidiary of Blue Label Telecoms Ltd. Bryan initially worked in the field of digital signal processing with Altech Defence Systems, where he was instrumental in the design and development of sonar systems. In 1996 Bryan launched Outbound Systems, which focused on the fields of business engineering and systems development. Bryan has a BSc Eng and MSc Eng degree (University of Natal).

Accountant Clare Anthony Clare Anthony joined Touchsides SA in October 2016. Clare completed her B (Com) Accounting degree at the University of Johannesburg. She also completed her SAICA articles at BDO South Africa Incorporated. Clare’s previous experience in the finance world include that of the financial services industry and mining industry.

Hardware Expert Timothy Oellermann Tim Oellermann joined Touchsides in 2014 as hardware expert. Before joining Touchsides, Tim worked for Cerulent as CTO, where he was responsible for technical development of prepaid TV and NFC systems. Prior to that, Tim was a senior engineer a Skye Advanced Technologies, where his focus was on digital systems and wireless engineering. Tim has vast experience in end-to-end creation of both digital and analogue electronic hardware, as well as firmware and real-time operating systems. Tim has a BSc Eng (University of Natal) and has conducted post-graduate research in digital communications.

Software Architect Dirk Veldhuis Responsibilities extend from developing the high level architecture of our solutions to implementing low level components.

Head of Technology Jarrod Hermer Jarrod Hermer joined Touchsides in 2015 to assist in defining and building the products as the Product Manager. Before joining Touchsides Jarrod was a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft and one of the cofounders of Mybeat. Jarrod has a BSc in Electrical Engineering (University of the Witwatersrand).

Data Insights Engineer Jan van Niekerk Jan joined Touchsides in 2016 as a data, analytics and insights specialist. Jan is a passionate Data Scientist who loves creating data-driven actionable insights. Prior to joining the team, Jan worked as a senior/lead analyst at Aqua Online (WPP Group), one of the biggest digital marketing companies in the world. Jan has also founded a couple of start-ups which operate in the digital realm, providing its customers with real-time analytics and insights pertaining to their brands. Jan has an extensive technical background in Computer Science & Informatics, having completed his undergraduate, Honours and Master's degree in Computer Sciences at the University of Johannesburg. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Computer Science, focussing on the areas of Multi Agent Systems, Cognition, Ambient Intelligence, Self-awareness and Computational Biology.

Software Engineer Rory Austin Rory joined Touchsides in 2016 as a software engineer. With vast experience in web development he is primarily responsible for our internal web based application software, application back end, APIs and customer facing websites. Before joining Touchsides Rory was a lead consultant for FIS, servicing major banks and asset managers. Rory holds a BSc IT from the University of Cape Town.

Project Manager Karen Henn Karen Henn joined Touchsides in September 2016 as a Project Manager. She is primarily responsible for ensuring that all endeavours are well planned, managed and controlled to meet the agreed objectives, deadlines, and budgets. Karen also assists with marketing and promotions and has had 23 years experience in marketing, advertising, client services and project management within the retail space. She has a BA (Hons) degree, Video Technology Diploma, Project Management Diploma and is a qualified Six Sigma Greenbelt practitioner.

Android Engineer Marcel Manjoo Marcel Manjoo joined Touchsides towards the end of 2016 as a Software Engineer focusing on the Android platform. Prior to joining Touchsides, Marcel specialised in developing mobile applications for large corporates and developed his passion for everything related to Android. He's completed, amongst others, the following Android related Coursera courses: Programming Mobile Applications, Cloud Services and Mobile Services for Android Handheld Systems, the Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures course and the Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree.

Operations Support Leon Harmse Leon Harmse joined the Touchsides team towards the end of 2016. He has an interest in dealing with retail store owners and gaining a deeper insight into market related queries and trends. He efficiently deals with the team out in the field managing and helping with customer related issues as well as technical issues. Prior to working at Touchsides Leon gained experience by helping launch some software from Microsoft and holds a B.Ed. Qualification from the University of Johannesburg.

Software Engineer Daniel Levin Daniel holds a degree in mathematics from the University of the Witwatersrand. He’s a self-taught software engineer who has contributed to a number of open source projects. His interest is to advance the use of data science and machine learning in industries previously underserved by these technologies.

Operations Manager Daniel Jassinowsky Daniel joined the Touchsides team early in 2017, to assist with operations. Before joining Touchsides, Daniel has been involved in many successful businesses, including a financing company, property company as well as multiple mobile applications, and is an active board member at each. Daniel also previously worked as a commodity trader & financial manager at Abeddac Trading. Daniel has a BCom Finace / Marketing from the University of New South Whales and graduated Summa Cum Laude from his honours in investment management at the University of Johannesburg.

Data Engineer Lawrence Joffe Lawrence has over 10 years experience in building technology startups from scratch. Industries include insurance, fleet management, FMCG workforce monitoring, education and Fintech. He has passion for leveraging the latest technologies to accelerate commercial opportunities, with a focus in the overlap of software engineering and data science.

Lawrence Joffe joined Touchsides in 2017 as a data engineer. Prior to joining, Lawrence had been working with Barclays Rise and Techstars, as well as mentoring an MIT course big data and social analytics. Lawrence has a MSc in Electrical Engineering (University of the Witwatersrand).

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